What a wonderful month.
S, B & K came and spent over a week & what fun to play with K , He is so cute & cuddly. I love to hold Him, and rock Him. That's not spoiling, that is just loving Him well!

I love my Grandchildren. I want them to know it!

I was able to travel to NV and see T & M & they were able to come and visit me!
T is now 12 and as tall as me!
O is feeling so much better and she tells me the Dr. took her tonsils out and then Her throat hurt, now it is better.
Her voice is louder and higher pitched.
I spent every week with my grandchildren. Didn't have time to work, just enjoy!

Only if every day could be like that!

I do love to snuggle & rock K. He is so happy & loving & gives good hugs. It's hard to take his picture, He is his own little Kman.

K in O princess gown - when grandma changes their diaper I change them into frogs or turtles. ( I didn't change many diapers).
Jana came and put my pictures back up for me. I love it!
"Having a place to go is HOME
Having someone to Love is FAMILY
Having BOTH is a BLESSING"
Truly sums it all up!
And I do
Cherish Yesterday * Dream of Tomorrow * Live Today
Life is so good !
Thank you for all I have and enjoy!


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Be true to who you are, and the family name you bear.

Be true to who you are, and the family name you bear.
Gordon B Hinkley
We had a wonderful early Christmas. Scott, Jana, Tyler & Morgan, & Gary, Jana & Olivia. We had our traditional Tacos and cheesecake. Exchanged gifts & visited. I got to enjoy the kids & spoil them just a little.
It is so fun to be with them and snuggle and get hugs and kisses. They make me so happy!

I thank the Lord for my special family.
I am so blessed to have worthy Son's who gave me a blessing.
I have very special Jana's too! (Both of them!)
My Grandchildren are the best!
I am a very proud Mother and Grandmother.

"I believe in Angels, I have Grand Children!"

I love being a Grandma, my grand children are the BEST!
They make my life fun & rewarding. I love to have them stay over night at my house, so I can spoil them. We stay up late, watch a movie & snuggle & eat ice cream for our "midnight snack." (They think they are just well loved!)
We have fun with arts, crafts, playing in the sand or clay & swinging in the hammock Grandma made.

I went to Disney Land in March 'O8 with Scott's family, I remember Scott skipping down main street with the girls, should have got a picture. We did enjoy ourselves.
I love being young at heart!

My grand children keep me young and active.
I do love life! (& Grandchildren!)
:-) smile at me Have a good day!

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